Current Version 2.2


  • Import of complete profiles from DVD Profiler via WiFi
  • Search by title, cast, crew or full text
  • Filter by genre, feature, format, collection type, media type, cast and / or crew

Movie list

  • The list contains all movies including box content or just the box, depending on the setting.
  • When a filter is active, the list only displays the results.
  • The design of the list can be customized.
  • The list can be sorted by title, number and year respectively up and down.


When choosing a movie to the list all the details are accessible.
If there is a box that individual films or discs are visible.
There are 3 views: Details, A + C and online.
Details: Complete info without cast and crew
A + C: Complete cast and crew
Online: Find the movie on Google, IMDB and RottenTomatoes and a chance to post the movie on Facebook.


The movies can be filtered according to their attributes.
The possible filters are genre, format, features, media type, collection type, cast or crew.
The filters for cast and crew can also be set in the options.
The filter elements are Red.
The filers are linked.


Through the filters in the fields title, cast, crew or the full text of the list of films is also limited.


  • Sync: Data transfer to and from the plugin.
  • Barcode Scanner: Scan new movies online including search
  • Pictures in Movie List On / Off
  • Box content in the movie list on / off
    The contents of the boxes will be displayed only with the selection of the box.
  • Select List Designs
  • Definition of the cast and crew filter.


The movies will be transferred from the DVD Profiler plugin in the app as well as the scanned EAN's / UPC's of the app in the plugin.
There are transmitted all the data of the profiles on the plugin to the device.
Sync will also allows to use the iPhone or iPod with the app as a scanner for capturing EANs / UPCs.
By scanning the EAN's entering its number in the DVD Profiler is no longer necessary.
Transmission is via Wi-Fi.
A detailed description of the plugin can be found here on the page.

JB Plugin

What's that?
It's a plugin for Invelos DVD-Profiler.

For what do I need it?
To export profiles from DVD-Profiler to the iPhone App "MyMovieCollection".

Which functions are included in the plugin?
Export all profiles and sent them to your iPhone, iPad or iPod using WiFi.
And import new profile from App.

How do I install the plugin on my computer?
Please use the setup file, download link below.

Which requirement does the plugin have?
min. Windows XP SP3
.Net Framework 3.5
min. DVD-Profiler 3.7.

(Note: On a Windows XP with only .NET Framework 4.0 the plugin will not work.)

For any problems or questions, please send a mail

Plugin Download V 2.2

!! only for MMC Version 2.1 and greater !! Setup.exe V 2.2
Fully checked on Virustotal
SHA256: 5cb37853c3790add1c9d6d67a250d1e81f606d75739687955e989098925510a7

Plugin Download V 2.1

!! only for MMC Version 2.0 and greater !! Setup.exe V 2.1
Fully checked on Virustotal
SHA256: 0ac976c03bdc8230d5ab91c1e1f455291c9ce0d873d6730e74028f49108d0f3d
SHA1: a9d75efd30992fda43f0340fa03f0d8393097df6
MD5: 196085783e137b819785f32ce4d13e84